Highway 6 South, 77478

In 1989, funding from the City of Houston and donations from the Brown Foundation and the estate of Nina Cullinan made possible the acquisition of land for Joseph S. and Lucie H. Cullinan Park at Oyster Creek. A grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife led to the first phase of development for the park. The leadership at the time knew the 750 acres of space on Highway 6 in Sugar Land would help maintain a high quality of life as urban Houston continued to grow.

Twenty years later, the park serves as an oasis for birding, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and more, and includes White Lake and Pumpkin lake, frontage on Oyster Creek and Red Gully and extensive prairie and woodland acreage. The park’s natural areas are being restored, and additional facilities are developed and managed by the Cullinan Park Conservancy and the City of Sugar Land. Learn more about the nonprofit dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and appreciation of Cullinan Park at Oyster Creek.